What a Blizzard!

January 23, 2018

What a Blizzard!

We’re so glad everybody at Midbell is safe and we’re glad to be back at work, ready to help our valued customer and friends.

A few of us are heading to the yearly NAMM show this week in Anaheim. Originally NAMM was the acronym for National Association of Music Merchants. The association is now called The International Music Products Association, but the original acronym stuck, and the trade show is still referred to as NAMM. Imagine almost every manufacturer
and distributor of musical products in the world under one roof, and that is NAMM. Attendees now top over 100,000, including all types of industry roles such small music stores like Midbell, large retail chains and internet giants, manufacturer reps and execs, wholesale vendors, artists appearances, LA music scene enthusiasts, and pretty much anyone involved in the worldwide music products industry.

We’re pretty disappointed this year because our flight was delayed which means we’re going to miss some Wed. meetings and all the pre-show activity. We attend NAMM for many reasons including seeing new product, finding special buying opportunities and placing some orders, attending educational sessions to learn how to better serve our customers, and staying connected with the industry.

What’s the big deal?

I’ve been thinking about WHY I’m so disappointed about arriving late, and after a little introspection, it came to me…. I’m going to miss seeing my industry friends at those meetings. I’m going to miss the connection with PEOPLE in the industry, some of whom I’ve known for 20+ years. This is a people industry, deeply rooted in RELATIONSHIPS. I’m reminded how our business here is Siouxland is all about relationships, many of which are very long term and extend beyond just doing business. The experience our customers have with Midbell is often woven into their entire lives. There are band directors we serve today who acquired their very first instrument from me when they were in 5th grade, and their parents acquired their first instrument from my father Ray decades before.

I hold these relationships in high regard. I’m reminded how relationships with other human beings are really the most important thing in the world…whether family, personal friendships, or business friendships.

Over the next few days, we’re going to share some of the NAMM experience with our friends (aka customers) back home via Facebook Live. While we’re at NAMM, I’m thinking of our friends and family in Siouxland, and grateful for those important relationships.