Ray's Midbell is proud to partner with Caleb Sander for your piano tuning needs. Caleb can provide piano tuning and small repairs at an affordable rate in your home.

Whether it's sticking keys, removing broken strings, replacing jack springs, or repairing hammer action, Caleb can get your piano back into shape!

Caleb works on all types of acoustic pianos, including spinet, studio, console, upright, and grand pianos

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Caleb Sander and his wife recently moved to Sioux City from small, but charming, Decorah, Iowa. A graduate of Luther College, he studied music composition and piano, as well as business management. Since his transition into Siouxland, he has grown proficient in pipe organ and piano tuning in his position at a local pipe organ company. He is passionate about piano, quickly taking a community role as an accompanist. You may have already seen him play for churches, school choir concerts, local bands, or with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra. Grateful for a community full of opportunity, Caleb looks forward to providing his clients with excellent tuning service so well-tuned piano playing can continue all throughout Siouxland.