Bravo, Sioux City Symphony Musicians!

March 08, 2019

Bravo, Sioux City Symphony Musicians!

Last Week, LeAnn and I had the pleasure of attending the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra concert:  The Amadeus Experience, A Journey of Life Through Music.

What an amazing performance!  As I sat in awe at the musicianship and production, I felt a special connection to the musicians, because we have the pleasure of seeing them in person so very often.  So many of these fine players spend lots of time at Midbell getting their personal instruments serviced by our repair department.  We’ll spend hours together as the technicians make fine adjustments to the instruments so they perform as expected when it really counts.  I became overwhelmed with gratitude for Whitney Turner’s service team: Kaiti, Blair, Justin, Jessica, and Ronja.  It was especially cool to see our Orchestra Technician, Ronja Jung playing oboe at the concert!

These dedicated people have truly honed their craft so that the finest musicians of Siouxland trust them with not only their student’s instruments, but with their own personal instruments.  Whether it is adjusting Holly Haddad’s  R13 clarinet, servicing Amy Lauren’s double horn, fine tuning Chris Hill’s Basset Horn, or fixing a 5th graders flute which was dropped during band last week, our service team is absolutely dedicated to the musicians of Siouxland.  Thanks to the musicians and educators who trust Midbell to keep Siouxland playing!