Thank You, Sioux City Police!

February 28, 2018

Thank You, Sioux City Police!

It’s days like today that we’re reminded of what a wonderful community Sioux City is! Yesterday we noticed a that a Bach Strad Professional Trumpet priced at $2,899. was missing from our show floor…Upon further investigation, we realized the instrument had been stolen and was listed on Facebook for sale! Less than 3 hours later, Sgt. Bill Melville assembled a team and the amazing Sioux City Police Department set-up a sting, recovered the stolen trumpet and arrested the thief!

Being witness to all this unfold, I was so impressed how quick the team responded and how much they care about the individuals and businesses in our community. I can only imagine how organized and focused the department is when working major cases. I feel safe living in Siouxland and knowing the good men and women of the Sioux City Police Department have our backs. They are truly living their mission!

Bill Melville is an awesome and humble person. When I thanked him for everything he did to help us, his reply was "it's my job." As an avid music parent, he does so much to support the band and choir programs at Sioux City East High School and he goes above and beyond to show his dedication to his kids. I would like to give a HUGE shout out and sincere THANKS to Sgt. Bill Melville for being so quick to respond to our situation, and for being our friend and customer!

- Mike Guntren