• TREEWORKS TRE54 Chime Damper

TREEWORKS TRE54 Chime Damper

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TreeWorks' new Chime Damper is designed to be used with TreeWorks Chimes as well as other manufacturers' chimes.

It is made of laser cut steel with a black powder coat finish. The tension of the damper is adjustable.

No extra stand needed - just place your chime on the included mounting bracket, which leaves the top of your stand free for another instrument. The chime damper has exact sustain control, which allows the damper arm to be left loose and moved into action as needed. Or, it can be locked into any position, making it possible to precisely control how long the chime will ring.

One handed use - totally rigid laser cut steel. The damper arm allows for smooth, one-handed movement with no twisting or binding.

Not only are the chimes able to be stopped on command, but the damper will also keep the bars from accidentally sounding at unwanted times (like windy outdoor concerts, marching band, or unstable stages).