• ON STAGE UPK3000 Tenor Ukulele Accessory Bundle

ON STAGE UPK3000 Tenor Ukulele Accessory Bundle

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Designed exclusively for AIMM, the UPK3000 Tenor Ukulele Bundle assembles our best-selling ukulele accessories into a single package. With this pack of essential gear for the budding ukulele player, you can streamline your sales process by offering customers a convenient all-in-one accessories solution. Your customers will protect their instrument with the GS6000 Mighty Uke Stand and GBU4102 Tenor Ukulele Bag. They'll stay in tune with the GTA4000 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner. And the UPK300 Felt Ukulele Picks and GS70B Ukulele Strap will provide clear tone and comfortable playing. Optimize your ukulele sales with the On-Stage UPK3000 Tenor Ukulele Bundle.

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