• LP LP912 Double Conga Mounting Bracket, 2 pcs.

LP LP912 Double Conga Mounting Bracket, 2 pcs.

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With the LP Conga Mounting Bracket you'll be able to easily mount your conga of any brand to an LP Double Conga Stand (with the exception of the Slide-Lock stand). The wide surface is curved to fit snugly against the shell.
Installation is simple, though if you're adding these to drums rather than replacing them, you'll need a correctly-sized power drill to create holes for the bolts.
You will need to remove the head of your conga to install this mounting bracket - you won't be able to reach it from the bottom of the drum. All necessary bolts, nuts, and washers are included. You get two brackets, to mount two congas.

-Wrench (Crescent or Correctly-Sized Ratchet)
-Power Drill if Newly InstallingAllows Mounting On LP Double Conga Stand
-Curved to Fit Snugly Against Shell
-Bolts, Nuts, and Washers Included
-Head Removal Necessary for Installation
-Requires Wrench, Possibly Power Drill
-Not Compatible with LP Slide-Lock Stands

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