More to Start, Fewer to Quit Issue 12

March 27, 2023

More to Start, Fewer to Quit Issue 12


This is a great time to visit your feeder schools — you can start to get to know incoming students and answer any questions they may have about joining your program. Consider scheduling multiple visits if your schedule permits. You can also consider selecting students to perform duets. It's powerful for the incoming class to see students only a year older than them performing.



Write short sticky notes of encouragement and place on instrument cases or instrument lockers. Sometimes I would write quick notes ahead of time and place them on students’ music as I walked around my classroom. This nice note of encouragement may seem small, but it can have a lasting impact on students.



We're still a couple of months away from the end of the school year, but it's never too early to start planning on ways to relax and decompress this summer. Consider scheduling time for yourself now (including vacations, massages, workout sessions, or just alone time) so that it's booked and on your calendar before summer comes.

Wishing you and your students a wonderful spring!

Cheryl Floyd
Hill Country Middle School
Director of Bands, retired
Yamaha Master Educator
Music Consultant
Leander ISD Flute Instructor