• YAMAHA YTS480 Intermediate Tenor Sax

YAMAHA YTS480 Intermediate Tenor Sax

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This intermediate saxophone is designed to make the step up from your student model smooth and enjoyable. Hand engraving A hand-engraved pattern on the bell adds an extra touch of class. Compatible with Yamaha Custom necks The redesigned octave key system gives players the flexibility to choose between the included 62-style neck and those designed for the Custom Z and Custom EX Yamaha saxophones (sold separately). Improved Low B-C# connection An improved mechanism from low B-C# ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument. Professional Style Neck The 62-style neck has been designed for improved tone and response. Key guard The separate key guards feature adjustable screw cap stoppers for professional-style technical adjustments. Left-hand seesaw key The left-hand seesaw key has been designed to increase playability as well as provide a more comfortable feel. YTS-480 Specifications - Key of Bb - Neck Annealed, original 62 design - Neck Material Yellow Brass - Body Material Yellow Brass - Bell Yellow Brass - Key Material Yellow Brass - Key Buttons Polyester - Finish Gold baked epoxy lacquer - Tone Holes Drawn - Auxiliary Keys Front F; High F# key - Mouthpiece Yamaha 4C - Mouthpiece Cap Plastic - Ligature Yellow Brass; Clear Lacquer - Spring Type Stainless Steel - Pad Type Waterproof leather and wool felt with plastic tone boosters - Bell Decoration Stamped - Thumb Hook Adjustable Plastic - Pivot Screw Tapered with head and nylon lock (adjustable) - Mounting Post on body Call for special ordering other finish options. Please stop in and play test our wide variety of saxophones.

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