• YAMAHA YOB441IIAT Intermediate Oboe, Plastic

YAMAHA YOB441IIAT Intermediate Oboe, Plastic

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The bell bore has been redesigned to improve the intonation of the middle range. In addition, the Low-Bb resonance key improves the intonation of the Low-Bb.

Adding a third octave key stabilizes both the articulation and the intonation in the third octave.

A low B-C# trill can be easily performed, just by opening and pressing down the B key while holding the C# key.

All the pads are made of cork. This reduces pad noise.

The thumb rest has a strap ring. Using a strap improves playability by reducing pressure on the right-hand thumb which can put extra strain on the shoulder and the neck.

ABS resin body enhances durability

The entire body is ABS resin (a plastic). This enhances both portability and durability, and benefits those who play in various weather conditions, including those who live in areas with very low humidity.