• VANDOREN V16 SM812M A6M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

VANDOREN V16 SM812M A6M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The Vandoren V16 Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece was inspired by the sound of the greatest 1950's vintage jazz players. Handcrafted in France by one of the most trusted and respected companies in the history of the saxophone, the V16 rubber alto sax mouthpiece offers exceptional response, tone and projection.
The V16 series Vandoren Alto Sax Mouthpiece delivers comfort, free blowing and ease of articulation. Crafted from hard rubber, it's a great jazz mouthpiece in the New York tradition.

Vandoren mouthpieces are known for their high, uniform quality-among the best made with modern technology. Vandoren has an extensive line of mouthpieces for all woodwinds with designs suited to most playing and musical styles.

-Vintage inspiration
-Tip opening: .077-inch
-Facing length: Medium
-Chamber: round medium

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