• ON STAGE MBS5000 Broadcast Mic Boom Arm

ON STAGE MBS5000 Broadcast Mic Boom Arm

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The MBS5000 Broadcast Mic Boom Arm is a reliable articulating mic boom for broadcast and webcast that provides quiet, easy positioning even while on air. Heavy-duty construction ensures strength and durability while two pairs of springs provide appropriate counterbalance for popular broadcast mics and oversized shock mounts. The pre-installed internal XLR cable simplifies cable management and declutters your studio. Installation is easy with a choice of a removable C-clamp for desktops or a screw-in flange mount for any flat surface.

-Flexible articulating broadcast-style mic boom moves quietly to maintain production quality
-Mounts standard 5/8in-27 mic clips and shock mounts and supports mics weighing up to 3.5 lb
-10' XLR cable pre-installed in the tubing provides a clean look and easy cable management
-Includes a clamp for quick set up and a screw-down flange mount for installation

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