• ON STAGE GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit

ON STAGE GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit

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Our Universal Guitar Care Kit is the perfect add-on to any guitar purchase! The kit will include everything a guitarist needs to keep their guitar looking just like new. Components include: (2) soft microfiber cleaning cloths, (1) 4oz. bottle of guitar polish, (1) guitar peg winder and a set of (3) celluloid picks. The water based all natural polish has a light citrus scent and will not build up on the guitar. The peg winder makes changing your strings quick and easy. An assortment of picks allows for a choice of three weights. Guitar Polish is all natural, eco-friendly and emits a light citrus scent. Cleans and polishes your guitar leaving a streak-free, residue-free shine. Two microfiber cloths provided; use first to apply polish and second to finish and shine. (2) Soft microfiber cleaning cloths - Dimensions: 7.75 x 7.75in - Colors: Black and purple (1) 4oz. Bottle of guitar polish - All natural, eco-friendly guitar polish (1) Guitar peg winder (3) Celluloid picks - 3 thicknesses: 0.46mm, 0.71mm and 0.96mm