• NEOTECH 2001162 Classic Saxophone Neck Strap (Swivel Hook)

NEOTECH 2001162 Classic Saxophone Neck Strap (Swivel Hook)

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Classic Strap™ offers the sophisticated performer a comfortable alternative. The tailored design is great for your saxophone, bass clarinet, English horn, bassoon, oboe and other instruments. The improved pad utilizes a laminated construction of neoprene layers, nylon reinforcement and comfort foam. These combined features conform to the neck and shoulders and create a unique cushioning feel with better support. Classic Strap™ minimizes the strap movement while maximizing the comfort - it’s sure to be a classic!

Swivel hook is a popular option with closed design. Great for students as it offers added security. Strong enough to even carry a Baritone Sax.

Regular Length: 16" - 20"