• HOHNER 34BBXG Old Standby Harmonica (G)

HOHNER 34BBXG Old Standby Harmonica (G)

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The Hohner Old Standby Harmonica will get you through, whether you're riding high, singing the blues, or just waiting on a train. A longtime favorite of many country artists, the model 34B Old Standby is always ready to express your spontaneous musical soul. With the image of a ship's anchor on the coverplate, the Hohner Old Standby harmonica keeps you feeling and sounding secure. Hohner builds the 34B Old Standby in standard tuning. The 34B Old Standby is an excellent harmonica for beginners. It features stainless steel cover plates and a durable, airtight black plastic comb.

Key of G
Great for all Types of Music
Brass Reeds
Plastic Body
Stainless Steel Covers