• DEBUT DEBSAXA Student Eb ASax Mouthpiece

DEBUT DEBSAXA Student Eb ASax Mouthpiece

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The Clark W Fobes Debut mouthpiece for alto saxophone is good for a student's first upgrade mouthpiece. This acrylic mouthpiece produces a darker and richer sound than most stock mouthpieces supplied with an instrument. The Debut gives an affordable option under the more expensive hard rubber mouthpieces. This mouthpiece has a medium size tip opening comparable to the traditional Selmer Paris C-star. They are hand finished to ensure consistency, so every mouthpiece plays identical. The Fobes Debut mouthpieces are free blowing but help promote proper embouchure and air support so students can develop a focused sound. These mouthpieces are ideal for middle school or high school students for concert band or marching band.

-A dark and rich sound
-Free blowing
-Hand finished
-Ideal for marching band or concert band

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