• BLITZ 303 Metal Care Polish Cloth

BLITZ 303 Metal Care Polish Cloth

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Blitz Metal Care Cloth for Instruments This 100% cotton flannel cloth is specially treated for the care, cleaning, and polishing of soft metal surfaces that are not coated or lacquered. Formulated to gently remove tarnish and give a brilliant lasting shine. Metal Care can be safely used on gold, silver, brass, and plated metals. Not recommended for Rhodium plated items. Just take the inner treated cloth and rub in circular, gentle strokes across the surface of the metal. Once done, and a shiny surface is restored, buff with the exterior (untreated) cloth. Badly tarnished metal will require several brisk strokes or repeated use. The cloth's ingredients leave behind a barrier to prevent silver from retarnishing. Safe and non-toxic. Non-toxic. Environmentally responsible. Not tested on animals. Do not use on coated or lacquered surfaces. Contains one (1) two-ply cloth approximately 12" x 15" unfolded. The inner cloth has the active ingredient, while the outer cloth is for buffing.