esser funding for schools

✓ $122 Billion in funding available

... available for programs just like yours!

Learn how you can use these funds to purchase instruments for your program!

helpful links for talking with administration

This link from the National Federation of State High School Associations (especially the snippet listed below) can help you speak to administration about purchasing instruments for your program.

Be prepared to suggest some ways these funds may be used to support music education. There are fifteen (15) numbered categories of allowable use from the statute. Below are several ideas and the related category number for each.

  • Instruments, Supplies and Materials to Help Ensure Health and Safety (3,5)
  • Individual instruments for each student to eliminate sharing
  • Individual mouthpieces for each student
  • Rental programs so that each student will have their own instrument
  • Instrument masks, bell covers or other protective equipment
  • Addressing the recommendations of the NFHS research studies

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