• PreSonus REVELATOR USB-C-Compatible Microphone with StudioLive voice effects processing

PreSonus REVELATOR USB-C-Compatible Microphone with StudioLive voice effects processing

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The Revelator is a USB condenser mic ideal for recording both guitar and vocals with all the tools you need to get the perfect take, whether you’re recording your latest song idea or streaming live on social media.

Revelator is:

A 3-pattern large-diaphragm condenser microphone
An audio interface
A mixer
An effects processor
A headphone amp
All in one sleek, stylish microphone.

Round out the package with the included Studio One Artist recording application and Studio Magic software suite, and you’ve got a complete home recording studio built into a mic that’s ideal for guitar and vocals.

The custom-designed condenser capsule is perfect for capturing every detail and nuance of acoustic guitar and vocal performances. Three selectable pickup patterns provide flexible options for recording solo or with friends. And no separate audio interface purchase is required. Just connect Revelator to your Mac, Windows, Chromebook, or iOS/iPadOS device and start recording straight away.

Revelator’s onboard effects let you polish and sculpt your sound with meticulous State-Space modeled emulations of world-class studio hardware. Dial in just the right amount of compression for your chicken-pickin’ licks, sweeten your vocals with a dose of tastefully-applied reverb, or boost the fullness of your dreadnought with a bit of bottom-end EQ. Once you’ve honed your tone, save it as a Preset for later use. You can even trade Presets with other Revelator users.

And when you’re ready to stream your performance, Revelator’s built-in mixer lets you blend the audio from different applications simultaneously. This means you can mix in backing tracks from the included Studio One Artist with your guitar and vocal performance — and then send the mix to your streaming software of choice, while recording the entire show.

Finally, you get over $1000 USD of plug-ins, virtual instruments, and tutorials with the Studio Magic Suite, so your productions will be a step ahead from day one.

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