• YAMAHA YBS62II Pro Bari Sax, Low A, High F#, Wheeled Case

YAMAHA YBS62II Pro Bari Sax, Low A, High F#, Wheeled Case

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Pro-quality baritone sax with included rollable case.

Yamaha is thrilled to reintroduce the legendary YBS-62II Professional Baritone Saxophone. Considered the original "do-everything" professional baritone sax, the 62 series was designed in collaboration with renowned classical and jazz musicians to ensure cross-genre proficiency. Today, the second-generation YBS-62II owes its popularity among worldwide saxophonists to Yamaha's visionary designers and artisans. If you seek a professional baritone sax that's also an incredible value, look no further than the Yamaha YBS-62II.

Redesigned Neck and Bell Deliver Optimal Resonance

The YBS-62II features a redesigned neck and bell for enhanced resonance and projection across the baritone sax's expansive range. The redesigned neck improves response and intonation in the low register. Its free-flowing bore aids in vibration for a full, rich tone. The new bell's oval shape boosts projection and focus. Together, these updates make the YBS-62II a remarkably resonant, responsive and versatile instrument.

Reengineered Keywork Provides Superior Playability

Yamaha reengineered the YBS-62II's keywork for faster response, improved action and enhanced control. Its redesigned palm keys, spatula keys, and side keys reduce the reach between intervals, enabling effortless fingering. The 62II's improved pivot screw mounting provides a highly responsive feel with minimal mechanical noise. The reshaped bridge, stabilizers and key braces also strengthen the mechanism for precise, balanced action. These upgrades make the YBS-62II exceptionally playable, allowing baritone saxophonists to navigate its broad range with ease.

A Rich, Powerful Tone For Any Genre

The YBS-62II produces a bold yet balanced tone suitable for any musical style. Yamaha's signature ribbed construction produces a free-blowing baritone sax that responds instantly to your breath, generating a rich tone with depth, focus and power. Its redesigned one-piece bell creates a broad range of timbres, from warm and mellow to bright and projecting. Whether you play classical, jazz, funk or fusion, this baritone sax will inspire your creativity and move your audiences.

Durable Yet Lightweight Design Built to Last

While highly durable, the YBS-62II is also remarkably lightweight thanks to its yellow brass body and keywork. The keys feature durable mother-of-pearl key touches for a luxurious feel. Additional features include a high F♯ key, adjustable thumb rest, leather pads, and a durable, stylish lacquer finish. The YBS-62II includes premium features for the demanding professional. Its wood-framed case provides durable protection. Altogether, the YBS-62II's robust yet lightweight build will provide baritone saxophonists with years of dependable performance.


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