• YAMAHA YTR8335IIRS25TH 25th Anniversary Custom Xeno Trumpet

YAMAHA YTR8335IIRS25TH 25th Anniversary Custom Xeno Trumpet

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The Xeno Series represents a fusion of craftsmanship that involves outstanding instrument design, advanced technology, and the experience, talent, and dreams of respected artists around the world. Throughout its history, the Xeno series has built a reputation through innovative leaps forward in instrument design and development. To celebrate 25 years of passion and innovation by designers, artists, and trumpet players around the world, Yamaha is proud to release the YTR-8335IIRS25TH Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Xeno Bb trumpet. This trumpet combines some of the best features of the Xeno series with unique specifications to offer a limited edition model that truly stands out on its own. Based on the popular YTR-8335IIRS Xeno Bb trumpet, the 25th Anniversary Xeno trumpet features a .459” medium-large bore with a reversed leadpipe and yellow-brass bell. However, this limited edition has numerous features unique to this trumpet alone.

The bell, with its “Xeno 25th Anniversary” engraving, is one of this model’s most notable features. A lighter and slightly more open bell was used which produces a warm and brilliant tone with excellent projection.

Main Tuning Slide Brace
A unique curved double tuning slide brace design is a striking visual feature that also provides sonic benefits. The flowing form of this brace adds ideal resistance to a free-blowing reversed leadpipe design. The dual brace configuration, a rarity in reverse tuning models, serves to stabilize the instrument’s tone.

Piston Buttons, Valve Caps, and Bottom Caps
The piston buttons, valve caps, and bottom caps are the same as those used on the Xeno Artist Model. All of these improve the overall balance of the instrument for optimum air resistance and enhanced tone. These parts are gold plated for impressive visual presence as well.

3rd Valve Slide Stopper Screw
The same hollow-head 3rd valve slide stopper screw contributes to subtly freer air resistance while improving overall playing feel.

Barrel-shaped Ferrule
The barrel-shaped ferrule is the same type used on the Xeno Artist Model, adding even more depth and richness to the instrument’s timbre.

Gold-plated mouthpiece
The supplied mouthpiece is a special gold-plated version of the TR16C4, for a smooth feel and tonal depth that only gold plating can provide.

Limited Edition Quarter Century Xeno Case
A backpack-style hard case in blue embodies the essence of the 25th anniversary YTR-8335RS25TH model, providing outstanding durability and protection with a luxurious appearance.

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