• YAMAHA YSL882OLN Xeno Pro Trombone w/ F-Attachment *Cryogenically Treated*
  • YAMAHA YSL882OLN Xeno Pro Trombone w/ F-Attachment *Cryogenically Treated*
  • YAMAHA YSL882OLN Xeno Pro Trombone w/ F-Attachment *Cryogenically Treated*
  • YAMAHA YSL882OLN Xeno Pro Trombone w/ F-Attachment *Cryogenically Treated*

YAMAHA YSL882OLN Xeno Pro Trombone w/ F-Attachment *Cryogenically Treated*

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The Xeno features heavier gauge brass and a thick-walled, one-piece brazed bell which has been hand-hammered thousands of times for the ultimate in a big orchestral sound. The open-wrap F section gives a free-blowing response and the entire instrument has an evenness and balance you have to experience to believe. The tone is flexible with myriad tonal colors, and gives you both powerful projection at fortissimo and subtle control in the most delicate passages. This may well be the most expressive orchestral style trombone ever created.

A one-piece bell has an axial (lengthwise) seam, making it a continuous extension of the instrument's material. This results in pure, uniform resonance and superior tone.

The bell is 8 2/3in in diameter. The larger bell in combination with other design improvements, produces a singing, colorful open sound with a projecting solid core.

The open wrap has a more open feel and quicker response while using the F attachment.

Narrow slide
Having a narrow slide results in a faster slide technique allowing the player to get around the horn easier.

Rounded Slide Crook
Eliminating sharp turns in the crook will open the feel and response of the instrument.

Adjustable Thumb Paddle
The rotor paddle is adjustable for optimum comfort.

Counter Balance Weight
Adding a weight contributes to the trombones focused projecting sound.

Mechanical Linkage
Using a mechanical linkage on a rotor gives it strong, smooth operation.

Slide lock
The unique slide lock design on all Yamaha trombones keeps the slide locked in place and keeps it from accidentally falling.

Pressure-formed tubing
Perfectly rounded tubing results in less turbulence and smoother air flow.

*Treated with Yamaha's Cryogenic Resonance Restoration

Cryogenic Resonance Restoration reduces residual stress from your instrument allowing it to play more evenly, with quicker response and with enriched resonance. Once it emerges from its deep freeze, your instrument should be in its ultimate performance zone.

This process lessens the residual stresses in an instrument by re-creating a more relaxed alignment of grain structure and reducing the metal's grain spacing, thus allowing the instrument to resonate more freely. This experience creates a better core sound with a more even timbre through all ranges.

How does it work?
Cryogenic Resonance Restoration is a dry process that does not affect the appearance of lacquer or plated finishes. Instruments that are carefully prepped by the customer are placed in a specially designed, computer controlled unsulated chamber where they reach a final temperature in excess of -300 degrees Fahrenheit.

A computer specifically designed for musical instruments controls the entire process, guiding the temperature to optimum levels and then gently returning the instruments to room temperature. The entire process takes approximately 24 hours, yet that single day produces the equivalent of decades of aging and 'playing in'. Upon completion of the process, your instrument should now be in its ideal 'zone'.

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