• Taylor 214CEN Classical Guitar w/ pickup

Taylor 214CEN Classical Guitar w/ pickup

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Our layered rosewood 200 Series models hone in on the fundamentals of a great guitar-playing experience to give you clear, balanced tone and great intonation. Includes cutaway and Taylor ES-Tå electronics. This Nylon series guitar is a perfect fit for the player looking for a uniquely different sound.

The Grand Auditorium is the most versatile and popular of Taylor?s guitar shapes. Its well-defined midrange contributes to a clear and balanced tone. It?s responsive enough for fingerstyle players and powerful enough for pickers and strummers to get a lively response. Think of it as a jack of all trades.

Like the the ES-T, The ES-N is a single-source, under-saddle transducer, but the preamp design and tone controls were customized to complement the nylon-string voice. Our standard ES control knobs enable plenty of tone shaping and preserve the natural design aesthetic.

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