• Powerwerks PW150TFXBT 150W Tower PA w/ Digital Effects & Bluetooth

Powerwerks PW150TFXBT 150W Tower PA w/ Digital Effects & Bluetooth

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The PW150TFXBT Bluetooth P.A. System combines quality performance and convenient features, all in a highly portable package.

- Connect any Bluetooth Compatible Device Wirelessly
Built-in Digital Effects with Level Control
- Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Chorus+Reverb or Delay+Reverb
Master Level Control
Twin 4.5" Drivers with High-Frequency Horn
Three Channel Mixer
Two Instrument / Mic Channels
- XLR Mic Inputs and 1/4" Instrument Inputs per Channel
- Both Inputs can be used simultaneously - High and Low EQ for Music Channel
Subwoofer Out
Monitor Out with Line Level Control
Standard Speaker Stand-mount Adapter Built-in
The four 4.5" speakers and high-frequency driver provide just the right combination of high and midrange sounds. This balance ensures your vocals cut through the mix while minimizing harsh and unwanted frequencies. The PW150TFXBT construction is based on the same tried-and-true techniques as the rest of the speaker line. This includes a heavy-duty steel grill and rigid corners. This model also utilizes a high-frequency driver for crisp, accurate reproduction of treble frequency and articulate speech. For the soloist or acoustic duo, the PW150TFXBT works well when positioned on a standard speaker stand. The PW150TFXBT is the first Powerwerks Tower to feature a dedicated Monitor Out as well as a seperate Subwoofer output. The PW150TFXBT allow features 4 built-in effects: Room Reverb, Hall Reverb, Chorus+Reverb, and Delay+Reverb. The Powerlink Circuit allows two or more units to be linked together and function as one P.A. system. As your following grows, so does your sound system. Multiple units can be connected to increase the sound coverage in your venue of choice. With the PW150TFXBT's built-in Bluetooth capability, you can easily connect any bluetooth-enabled device to the PW150TFXBT to stream audio wirelessly!

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