• ON STAGE PS801 Pedal Power Pack

ON STAGE PS801 Pedal Power Pack

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This 1,500mA power adapter from On Stage easily powers 8 pedals.

Heavy duty output cable
Includes multi-plug cable for powering up to 8 pedals
Includes converter plugs to power virtually any 9V pedal, even Line 6 modeling pedals
Only takes up one position on your outlet strip or wall outlet

AC Adapter: Input: AC100-240V~50/60Hz Max: 0.6A, Output: DC 9V/1500mA

8-Plug Daisy Chain: Multi-Plug 8 Cable - 9cm of wire between each plug. Plug size: 5.5/2.1mm. All internal connections have same polarity

F6 line: 5.5/2.1mm DC plug (positive outside and negative inside), 6F22 9V battery button as female connector; used for connecting batteries to charge equipment.

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