• Mapex RB5844FTCDK Rebel Complete Drumset w/ 18" Bass (Black)

Mapex RB5844FTCDK Rebel Complete Drumset w/ 18" Bass (Black)

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The Rebel by Mapex is designed to make the first experience playing drums one to always remember. The set comes equipped with stands, cymbals, throne, pedals and sticks. The shells are poplar for plenty of tone and the 18ÌÒ bass drum delivers solid low end punch while keeping the toms at a low height for the youngest of players.

The Rebel by Mapex 5 piece set includes a short 10ÌÒ and 12ÌÒ rack toms, short 14ÌÒ fl oor toms for quick response and tone, 14ÌÒsnare drum and a 18ÌÒ bass drum. The short toms provide a quick response and allow for easier tom placement.
The set comes fully loaded with drums, cymbals, stands, a throne and pedals‰âÂeverything needed by a beginner to start playing.
The Rebel by Mapex series has poplar shells for full, solid tone with durable coverings.

18"X16", 10"x7", 12"x8", 14"x12", 14"x5"
9 Ply 7.2mm Poplar Shells for all Bass Drums, Toms and Snares
Rebel Double Braced hardware
Equipped with Cymbals (14" crash, 16" ride), Throne, Remo Heads, and Sticks
Chrome Hardware
Remo Self Muffl ing Bass Drum Head
New Mapex Lug Design
Double Tom Holder

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