• LUYBEN LLY Yellow Clarinet Ligature & Cap

LUYBEN LLY Yellow Clarinet Ligature & Cap

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Luyben's ligature allows the reed to vibrate more freely, due to its unique "soundpost" design - small circles inside the ligature that distribute even, vertical pressure with as little surface area as possible touching the reed itself. Additionally, its two contoured adjusting screws give the player the ability to regulate the tension on the reed for a custom setup.

Will not distort or crush reed fibers, nor warp mouthpiece as do metal ligatures
Top and bottom straps are spaced wider apart and work independently of each other, which helps regulate and control reed opening
Sound posts are scientifically designed to give equal pressure and full reed vibration (notice holes in center of sound posts)
Tightened firmly to prevent threads from stripping
Ligature will not slip

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