• Di Zhao DZ330BOF Sliver Plated Flute (Sterling Silver Lip Riser)

Di Zhao DZ330BOF Sliver Plated Flute (Sterling Silver Lip Riser)

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DiZhao instruments are made with careful attention to precision in Tianjin, China. The workers are all superbly trained directly by Mr. Zhao. Flutes are padded with Pisoni pads, and all pads are partially shimmed like professional flutes. All instruments are made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance. All are tested and adjusted by Di Zhao in the United States before being shipped. Each headjoint is specially hand-cut and features silver risers, yet another feature that makes Di Zhao student models play like professional handmade flutes. Tuned to A 442. The affordability of this B foot flute makes it an ideal entry for students transitioning from a student to intermediate flute. Beginner students love how the unique silver riser headjoint gives them the tone quality of an advanced musician playing on solid silver headjoints.



-Silver plated handcut headjoint with sterling silver lip riser

-Silver plated body 

-Silver plated keys & mechanisms

-Open hole keys with Y-arms

-Offset G

-B foot

-Double skin Pisoni pads

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