• CONN PUZZ1R pBuzz Plastic Instrument

CONN PUZZ1R pBuzz Plastic Instrument

A fun, novice-friendly wind instrument that plays like a straight trombone, the buzz is used by music educators and parents to introduce kids to brass wind instruments or just for musical fun

Made in the UK from durable, hygienic plastic and features a detachable mouthpiece with Bio-cote anti-microbial technology for protection against microbes, such as bacteria and mold

Winner of the 2016 Primary Teachers Award and used by music educators as an introduction to wind instruments

A perfect intro to musical play and performance, the buzz has a range of 6 notes (C, B, Bb A, G, F) which are marked on the slide using the Chroma Note(TM) color system

Designed by musicians with a 5 inch bell and easy to play slide, it is perfect for early learners. Simple and easy to play the mouthpiece makes it the perfect introduction to brass playing.

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