• CONN PTRUMPET1R P-Trumpet (Red)


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Introducing the pTrumpet, the world's first trumpet to be constructed entirely out of plastic. These instruments come in your choice of one of six colors, and include a gig bag and a plastic 3C and plastic 5C mouthpiece. Metal mouthpieces may be used as well.

Like any standard trumpet, they are keyed in Bb. The pantented one-piece plastic leadpipe and one-piece bell help ensure durability and a high quality and focused sound. At only 500g (1.1lbs), the pTrumpet is less than half the weight of a standard brass trumpet, and precision engineering ensures that the plastic valves and tuning slides move and function just as well as they would on any standard brass trumpet.

Features and Specs:

Key of Bb
4.75" Bell
Unique, fully plastci valve system
One-piece leadpipe (patented)
Plastic water key
Adjustable main, first, and third valve tuning slides
1.1lb weight
Works with any trumpet mouthpiece

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