• Buffet BC1116L20 Tradition Pro Clarinet, Silver Plated Keys

Buffet BC1116L20 Tradition Pro Clarinet, Silver Plated Keys

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At Ray's Midbell Music, we're dedicated to the beginning, advanced, and professional players. We offer all four R13 clarinets, and we're also very proud to offer the NEW Tradition Professional Clarinet from Buffet. The Tradition BC1116L-2-0 features the all new cylindrical bore design inspired by the Buffet Crampon BC20 model with R&D input from prominent
America and French Artists. Stained African blackwood,
leather and cork pads, alternate Ab/Eb key, ringless bell with
flat bottom, two barrels, dark naugahyde pochette case.

Buffet Crampon, the pinnacle of world-class clarinet production for 190 years and creator of the revolutionary poly-cylindrical bore design, innovates again with a new bore concept.

Inspired by a pre-1950s design while taking into account the needs of modern musical repertoire and performance practice, this brand new cylindrical bore compliments the R13 and RC bore families, adding a new acoustic dimension to the brand’s catalog.

“Le son à l’état pur,” or “Sound at its purest level”,
best describes this new instrument. The project was completed with the objective of offering a clarinet in its most natural form, with no unnecessary changes or overstated technology.

The new bore concept traces its inspiration to one of the earliest modern professional clarinets, the fabled Buffet Crampon BC20.

Featuring a cylindrical bore design, the new clarinet harkens back to the purity of sound produced by the BC20, with a tone hole placement inspired by the Tosca design.

The result is an instrument that presents a clear, focused, rich sound suitable for any acoustic environment and an even scale for consistent intonation throughout all registers. These innovations allow the amateur or professional clarinetist to focus on making music, rather than constantly adjusting their embouchure and voicing.

The new clarinet also places its roots firmly in research and development from Buffet Crampon’s American and French Artists.

The American team, composed of Buffet Crampon Artists:
Jonathan Gunn, Burt Hara, Victoria Luperi, Mark Nuccio and Gregory Raden.

The French team, composed of Buffet Crampon Artists: Michel Arrignon, Nicolas Baldeyrou and Paul Meyer.

All this artists were united around this project to share their performance experiences as orchestral players and soloists, and world view of the clarinet. And what a result! Our panel of American and French Artists were unanimous in the name for this new Buffet Crampon Clarinet: Tradition.

At Midbell, we usually stock between 8-15 professional level clarinets from Buffet, Yamaha, and other brands. Our clarinets are often evaluated by local professors and symphony players, so each instrument is carefully selected for it's individual tone nuances. We can apply rent credit from student instruments and we also accept trades. We would love spend a few hours to assist an advancing student or seasoned pro in comparing our beautiful clarinets and choosing the perfect match in which to invest. We invite you to contact us today to set up an appointment to choose your lifetime instrument!

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